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Donations for Ukraine

The donation account for the Urkaine is empty. The account number for donations can be found in the members area 

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Is YouTube DSGVO compliant?

According to the YouTube Terms of Use, the service is provided by YouTube LLC, USA. Thus, it is already subject to the consent requirement due to the transfer of data to an insecure third country pursuant to Article 44 of the GDPR (cf. ECJ ruling on the Privacy Shield and the Cloud Act).

Solution approach:

Instead of the YOUTUBE code, place a thumbnail on your own website and link it to the YOUTUBE video. This way, the notification problem is transferred to the operator of YOUTUBE.
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Using Google Maps on your Website

The General Data Protection Regulation does not allow a Google map to be displayed immediately after a page is loaded without the user's consent. And on 1.10.2019, the ECJ had ruled that the active consent of the user is required for the setting of cookies.

For this reason, it is mandatory to point out the use of cookies even before the actual website is loaded and the user must actively give their permission. The notice must include a reference to the privacy policy of the respective page. The privacy policy must include a reference to the use of Google Maps. 

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Embedding external Google fonts violates Art. 5 (1) DSGVO.

Many websites use external Google fonts. If you embed Google fonts as Google suggests, connections to Google servers are established. The fonts are thereby loaded from a Google server and this is not DSGVO compliant. The integration of dynamic web content such as Google fonts from US web services is illegal without the visitors' consent. This was decided by the Munich Regional Court in a ruling (Ref. 3 O 17493/20). Website operators can be sued for injunctive relief and damages. Operators should only embed Google fonts locally so that no connection to US servers can be established.

Why not use external Google Fonts?
By default, Google Fonts loads the fonts from the Google CDN.
In the process, some data is transmitted to Google. For example:

  • Your IP address
  • the visited website
  • the device or model used
  • the browser used

This allows Google to create a user profile of you and, for example, display relavant advertising. As a result, the use of Google Fonts usually violates the GDPR, depending on the use case.
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Hello and welcome to or new website !

You will find here publicly available information about the European Conference of the Blue Knights. If you have a legitimate interest in accessing internal information, please register here.

Since we have to check the registrations first, it may take a moment until your access is activated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Carlos Vasquez New York II

Carlos gave distinguished service to our Conference with engagement. To has the permission from the European Board to produce and offer the Ukraine patch for our Conference in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland, but not for our Conference. He transferred the income to our account. Without his engagement we never generated so much money for helping Ukraine I. 

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Patrik Moinil, BEL II

Patrik gave helping hand by foundation of many chapters. But he did much more. Since many years he gave distinguished service in charity for many years.
So, he distributed toys in name of Blue Knights to underprivileged families and the less wealthy so that their children could still celebrate a beautilul Sinterklaas and or Christmas. He also supplied the Padre Dirk van Jette with toys for many years for the various actions that the Padre provided. In total he has during all those years divided for an amount of approximately 45000 Euro.

This year he also cared for a good cause. He provided Hungary III about 3000 Euro worth of toy so that they could expand their shoebox campaign from 2021 to provide even more underprivileged children and orphans with toys. 

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Meeting registration procedure

From now on, meetings should only be held using the form set up for this purpose (menu item /meetings/register a meeting). 
The registrations are stored by the system in a database, so the time and the content of the registration can be documented at any time.

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New website online

For technical reasons, the website of the "European Conference" had to be completely relaunched at short notice. With the launch of this site, the old pages will be switched off and are no longer accessible.

Since the "move" had to take place surprisingly and more or less unprepared, there will be one or the other construction site in the next weeks. Therefore we would like to apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, criticism or suggestions, please send an email to the webmaster or make an entry in the corresponding form (in preparation). We are grateful for every hint.
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Awarded Knights

For more than 20 years editors of the German Blue Knights magazine which read from German speaking members in Germany Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium Luxembourg and other countries, these members were awarded the "Medal of Merit":

  • Jürgen "JB" Pohl, GER 14
  • Alfons "Alf" Ulrich, GER 14
  • Claus Dieter "CD" Müller
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EC Disaster Fund

The EC Board established the "EC Disaster Fund" in October 2021. In recent years, we have experienced several natural disasters in Europe. This fund is to support Blue Knights and colleagues who have been affected. The "EC Disaster Fund" is financed by your donations!

In July 2021, a heavy area of heavy rain moved over the west of Germany. Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia were particularly affected, but also the neighboring countries of the Netherlands and Belgium. Small rivers and streams became raging torrents that destroyed entire villages. Three members of the Blue Knights were also affected by the destruction.

The EC board called for donations for the flood victims and designed and sold a t-shirt. As a result, 15,000€ in donations were generated. Each of the three affected Knights could be given 5.000€ donations.

Once again, we would like to thank our donors and the buyers of the T-shirt!

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