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Convention 2005

1.1. Modification the International Bylaws

Chapter - voting: 1 vote by number of 30 members each, up from 30, 2 votes, up from 60, 3 votes …

CD remembered that this topic was talked about at the convention 2003/ Tholey as Topic 6 and was cancelled, because it against the international bylaws.

Voting was hold: motion fall21 no / 11 yes

1.2. Proposal:Stop using numbers on national clubs.

Let all clubs have only their nationality on their back rocker.Make a new patch on the vest's front left side to indicate from where you come; city, county, part of the country etc. If there are more clubs in a city, county etc, you may then give them numbers.

Topic falls in voting:2 Pass,2 Yes,31 No

1.3. Proposal to build a Constitution and Bylaws for the European Conference

The European Board will build a concept, send it to all chapter for discussion, and the concept will be on the agenda of convention 2006 for decision.

Without voting, the Topic passed. The assembly agreed, that we have the International Constitution and Bylaws and don `t need Bylaws for the Conference. 

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