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Convention 2023

16.1.Proposal 01 – 2023

Proposal from Germany 2

Suggests by Bob Blake, Germany 2, submitted by Axel Reibel, Germany 2

The proposal was divided into two parts.

First part:

Proposal regarding the digital form of the magazine "Sward and Shield"

DJ Alvares explained that there is a three-year contract with the publisher. Only after this time can a decision be made about a change. He further indicated that the smaller the circulation, the more expensive the issues become.

However, the majority of the members present would be in favor of a digital edition in order to save costs and simplify shipping.

Result: The proposal was approved.

Second part:

Proposal regarding the digital form of membership cards.

No discussion about this.

Result: The proposal was approved.

16.2.Proposal 02 – 2023

Proposal from Didier Dhynes, Belgium 8

Suggested by Didier Dhynes, Belgium 8, submitted by Philippe Smets, Belgium 8

Proposal to change the requirements of membership in the Blue Knights. In order to counteract the declining number of members, it is proposed to soften the "right to arrest" requirement and make it possible for all employees of police departments of any kind to become members.

The discussion was mainly about the form of the proposal. There is an official form how proposals have to be written. Dino (Didier Dhynes) will chance the form.

No discussion about the content of the proposal.

Result: The proposal was approved

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Convention 2022

15.1. Proposal 001-2022

Waive the current outstanding EC fees penalties

President Henrik FRETZ CH 1

President Arnold REITHAAR CH 4

At every Presidents Meeting in the past years, we hear from the respective Chairman and Treasurer of the European Board that certain chapters violate the "European Conference Bylaws and Financial Rule" by not paying the annual EC fees of 1 Euro per registered member.

Through the work of the European Board and the chapters, the percentage of chapter not paying EC fees has been reduced in recent years.

Despite their efforts, there are still a few chapters who have not paid their EC fees. The current outstanding amount with and without the penalties can be requested from the European Treasurer.

Shall we try to motivate these chapters to pay their outstanding EC fees by giving them a one-time waiver of the additional penalty fees per year?

These chapters could already save the EC Fees 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, so it should be possible to use this money and pay the outstanding EC-Fees.

What is important in this motion is that I am not criticizing the members of the individual chapters, but their board or the responsible person in the board, who do not fraternally adhere to the common agreements made by the European Conference. It is shameful that certain ones only want to take advantage of the Blue Knights by paying only the International Dues, but let their Conference down.


Chapters who have not paid their EC fees according to the European Treasurers list will be given the one-time opportunity to pay all outstanding EC fees until 30th September 20022 without additional penalty.

For this one-time request and only for this request, Article 7, Section 2, which describes the penalty fees, is to be suspended.




The chapters get a unique chance to improve their tarnished reputation.

The European Board will still be paid a large portion of the outstanding EC fees.

Suggested by: Henrik Fretz, March 2022, BK CH1 President

Second by:Arnold Reithar, March 2022, BK CH 4 President

After discussion the proposal passed by majority of votes. 

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Convention 2019

14.1. Proposal 001-2019 To split the function of International Vice-President in 2, maximum 3 functions. There would be an International Vice-President for the USA and Canada, one for Europe and one for Australia and New Zealand (if wanted).


Since 1974 our club has grown from a local Bangor Maine Motorcycle club into the largest LEMC in the world. Not only does this mean around 19000 members and over 25 countries, but also over 25 different laws and regulations. Since one of the responsibilities' of the International Vice-President is recruitment it is important for him to have some knowledge of the local laws. A personthat in his function, qualifies to be a regular member in the USA, might not be eligible for Regular membership and vice-versa.

To have a Vice-President for different parts of the world would give the opportunity for that person to be closer to the members, not only geographic but also cultural. It would make the job way more accurate as a Vice-President because he would understand and be able to deal with any problem that might occur.

At the moment it is very hard for a member outside the USA and Canada to get elected in the International Executive Board. A member outside the USA and Canada can't afford to travel to each Conference meeting because it's impossible to make the trip over the ocean 10 times a year.

The Vice-Presidents would be elected as they are now but the USA and Canada would vote for the USA-CANADA candidates, Europe (EC and UK&I) would vote for their candidates and Australia and New Zealand for theirs.


The Executive board would be way closer to the membership. Besides the Conference International Rep, they would also have a closer contact to a member of the Executive board.

It would help the Executive Board to understand and follow up the local Chapters.

It would help to take away the feeling for the members overseas that everything is decided in function of the USA-Canada membership and that "they're only good for their money". It would take our great club to an even more international level.

It would make it easier for a member of an overseas chapter to get elected in the Executive Board.

It would give an extra voice and vote to the overseas members besides the Conference International Reps. New Zealand and Australia would finely get their own voice in the BOD.


There would be 2 more people added to the Executive Board so this would add 2 more people to register for the International Convention but it might also cut in the travel costs of the Vice-Presidents because they would only travel to the Conferences on their area.

Suggested by: Koen HUTSE, EC REP

Submitted by Holk Opitz, EC Secretary

Voting: 5 NO, 1 Absent, All other Yes. The Proposal passed

14.2.Proposal 002-2019 To install a "Life Time Honorary" membership for honorary members who have been 20 years continuous member.

After 20 years of continuous membership they would receive the title of "Life Time Honorary", after a positive evaluation by their chapter board. They continue to pay their yearly dues but would keep their membership. They would no longer have to be voted on by the chapter board. Also they would not count for the quorum of 10%. As "Life Time Honorary" they would qualify for associated membership.


An Honorary member has to "prove" each year he deserves his membership status. During their time of membership they have done extra effort for the club and the chapter to 'earn" their membership. By installing the chapter would recognize their year-long efforts. They have been part of the family for 20 years and more so it would make them really feel part of our great club. To avoid that these members have to continue proving their loyalty when their getting older, the "Life Time Honorary" would not be taken into account for the 10% Honorary members of a chapter since as of that moment they would qualify as Associate Member.


Honorary members that have served the chapter and the club for 20 years or more, would finally be recognized for their loyalty.


This would take a change of the bylaws concerning "Associate Membership"

Suggested by: President of the Belgian Chapters

Submitted by: Koen HUTSE, EC REP

D.J. Alvarez: The last two sentences have to be changed before propose to International

Voting: 4 No, 2 Absend, all other Yes. The Proposal passed. 

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Convention 2018

12.Convention 2018

12.1.Proposal 001-2018 European Conference Convention 2020

Candidatures – Belgium I / Great Britain and Ireland I Conference

Allow Ireland I to present their bid to host the 2020 European Conference at the same time as the 2020 International Convention in Killarney, Co Kerry.

Back in 2012 the European Board asked the International Convention in Waidring 2014. It was voted on and decided by the UK&I presidents meeting.

Suggested by: Koen Hutse

Submitted by: Holk Opitz

Motion by Croatia VII

To vote by ballot

Second: Danmark I

The majority votes against. The motion failed.

Motion by CD Müller

To split the International Convention from the European Convention.

Second:Netherland II

The majority votes yes. The motion passed.

The proposal failed.

  • 12.2.Proposal 002-2018 Splitting the European Conference

Thoughts about a reorganization of the existing European Conference and formal request of the foundation of "European Alps-Conference" EAC or similar.

Intent: A clear opinion (do we want or don't we want it) to all of the following thoughts and steps is necessary from all European Chapters

Since 2007, several chapters from the European Conference had deepened their thoughts about the reorganization of the Conference. In the meantime, various things have been written and talked about it on different occasions and ways, mainly in the German-Board. The topic was also discussed at EC 2017 in Finland. Unfortunately, no concrete suggestions came out. In order to properly advertise and gain future members, and to take into account the demographic conditions, it seems to us that a division (realignment) of the European Conference is inevitable. The chapter of the Blue Knights LEMC Switzerland 2, thought about this issue. This summary of our thoughts, together with the paper of the EU Chairman of 2017 EC Finland, is intended as a discussion proposal to all EU-Chapters. Until the EC 2019 in Cologne at the latest, all the chapters should be aware if we want this or not. From a political point of view, after the events in the past, especially in 2017, it seems to be finally time to take a concrete approach to this project

Due to the findings regarding the distances between the northernmost and southernmost, easternmost and westernmost chapters, the number of countries, chapters, and members as well as the different languages in the European Conference, it seems not only practical, but also meaningful and indispensable, to share the European Conference at least in North and South (European Alps Conference or Southern European Conference).

Advantages: The cohesion and economy among the chapters could be improved. The historical and cultural barriers would disappear to a large extent.

In order to keep the distances, especially for the annual Conference (working Conference) in a bearable and financial framework, a central meeting point seems to be the best idea depending on the composition of the Conference.

In case of elections Europe has two new voices.

Disadvantages:In the case of dividing the existing Conference in North and South there must be elected two new boards.

Suggested by: Moritz "Mo" Canderas 12/11/17 Vice-Presi BK CH 2

Submitted by: Mario "Ke-Bap" Caderas 04/28/18 President BK CH

Vice-Chairman Andreas Hohendorfstated out, that to form a new Conference has to follow the Section of the International Bylaws:


Each Conference shall consist of at least three (3) Countries, States, Provinces or portion thereof, and have at least twelve (12) chapters therein. The International Board of Directors' will grant approval of the geographic area to become a Conference. Factors, which the International Board of Directors shall consider in approving conferences, are: proximity of the proposed geographic areas, the economic impact on the organization if the designation is approved, and the extent to which the "purposes of a conference" (section 5.06) will be fulfilled.

So minimum of 12 chapters are needed to found a Conference. All chapters of three countries, states or provinces has to agree.

These Chapters have to propose this to the BOG and the BOG can decide yes or no.

The Presidents meeting cannot vote about this but can discuss and vote for a position.

The International President agreed with this statement.

After questions and given answers by the International President there was no voting to the proposal. 

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Convention 2017

12.1.Proposal 001-2017Suggestions for a Charity Project

Blue Knights Chapter Germany XVlll „Rhein-Main"

  • Because International will give no money (1000 $US) to each Conference for charity project the proposal was cancelled.

IN THE LIGHT OF the commitment made at the 2016 International Conference to promote charitable activities through funding and

ON BEHALF OF the European Conference, Blue Knights International is herewith kindly requested to allocate funding to the amount of 1000.—USD to the Europe-based charitable non-profit organization Motoforpeace ONLUS.

According to its own mission statement "Moto for Peace is a nonprofit organization made up by motorcyclists of Italian State Police, Italian Carabinieri, Italian Financial Police and other European police forces. Founded in 2001, the main aim is to carry out local development projects, sensitizing the society, raising funds needed to put into effect (…) motorcycle expeditions, reaching several undeveloped countries, hit by war and devastation in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America." (source www.motoforpeace.it)


Image boost for motorcyclists - Since the year 2000 Motoforpeace has covered a distance of more than 160,000 km across all four continents (except Australia) to support people in need of all races and different faiths. All these missions were completed on motorcycles and therefore have provided a tremendous contribution to the positive image of riders on two wheels of the law enforcement community.

Image boost for law enforcement riders - It is the firm belief of the members of Motoforpeace that law enforcement goes far beyond repressive action and the aversion of dangers. In the long run, law and order can only prevail if generations to come are given a perspective in their life. The focus of Motoforpeace is therefore on those who are most dependent of charitable support – children in poverty-ridden countries and/or faced with

special challenges.

International outreach - As Motoforpeace is open for participants from around the world, primarily to those with law enforcement and a motorcycling background, members of the Blue Knights community are welcome and should feel invited to join future missions. In 2016, for example, Motoforpeace completed a mission in support of

Two orphanages in Honduras and Bolivia. To this end, a group of 22 members, bringing together riders from Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia using 11 motorcycles and two support vans, travelled 14,000 km from Panama City across the Central American Isthmus and North America up to Canada and down to New York City. The funding of Motoforpeace herewith desired would therefore also be beneficial to any Blue Knights

seeking mission participation.

Publicity boost for the BK community - More importantly, Motoforpeace has the philosophy of lending publicity to their sponsors during mission completion. Logos of sponsors are always displayed on logistics vehicles, handouts and posters. As Motoforpeace is operated by active Italian and Spanish law enforcers and

enjoys the support of the President of the Italian Republic and the Italian Ministry of Interior, the representatives of Motoforpeace are usually received by the Italian embassies to be found along mission itineraries. Additionally, Motoforpeace also operates its own radio station. Moreover, Motoforpeace members are usually accompanied by officers of the Italian NCB of Interpol to establish contacts with police representatives of the countries visited. Frequently, meet-and-greets are made at both working and decision-making level, which accounts for the unique publicity outreach of Motoforpeace.

Attracting new members - In all the countries visited during the 2016 mission, the group was officially hosted by the embassies and came into contact with high-level police officials and other figureheads of the respective communities, such as the organization "Educación Vial" in Panama or the management of Fiat Chrysler in Detroit. Many press contacts, featured on the website www.motoforpeace.it , were made along the way,

highlighting the valuable support of the mission sponsors. In this respect, the Blue Knights community would greatly benefit from this publicity campaign if it decided in favor of this proposal and the funding sought herewith. The attraction of new members to the community of law enforcement riders would be a likely spin-off. In the current year, Motoforpeace will undertake to conduct a mission on the South African continent with the aim of supporting Catholic social workers along the route from Kapstadt to Luanda, up to Harare and via Lesothoback to the Cape of Good Hope.

Disadvantages: None.

12.2.Proposal 002-2017 European Conference Fees

Suggested by: Koenrad Hutse

Submitted by: Holk Opitz

  • It was motioned to change the last two sentences of the proposal as following:
  • - when they have an international meeting, the Conference Board can ask the Board of Governors not to take this meeting in consideration for payment of the special fund if anyone has an accident to and from this meeting.
  • Changed to

The Conference Board can ask to exclude the members of that chapter that doesn't pay, from being able to ask for a payment from the Special Fund is they have a crash to or from an International meeting

Each conference can decide for themselves if they apply these sanctions or not.

A new proposal will be drawn to have a change of International by-laws where the sanction can go as far as revoking the charter of the chapter.

  • Voting:
  • Yes: 20
  • No:2
  • The motion passed.
  • Voting about the proposal:
  • Yes: 22
  • No:1
  • The motion passed

To allow the conferences to ask a membership fee to the chapters that are members of that conference. Each conference can decide if they will or will not charge a fee per member. This membership fee is not to exceed 2 USD per member. If a conference decides to charge a fee per member, they shall submit it to the International Board of Directors for approval. Once approved by the International Board of Directors, the chapters shall pay the fee per member to their conference. To decide on the amount, the number of members a chapter renews with will be taken into account. New chapters will be free of paying the fee for the first 2 years after foundation.

The fee shall be used by the conference board for recruiting and eventually for helping chapters. The fee shall also be used to pay for working costs from the Board members.

If a chapter refuses to pay the fee, the conference board will send them a written warning and inform the members of that chapter that their board doesn't comply with the European By-laws. If after 30 days after the first warning, the chapter has not answered to the Board, a second warning will be send to the chapter as well as to the International Board of Governors with a proposal of disciplinary sanction. The chapter can appeal to the International Board of Governors after the second warning within a 30 day period after receiving the second warning.

Sanction for a chapter can be:

- to be excluded to have their website link on the Conference website.

- to be excluded to attend the Conference Presidents meeting at the Convention

- to lose the right to vote on official Blue Knights business during the Presidents meeting

- Their meetings won't be put on the official calendar on the conference website

The Conference Board can ask to exclude the members of that chapter that doesn't pay, from being able to ask for a payment from the Special Fund is they have a crash to or from an International meeting

Each conference can decide for themselves if they apply these sanctions or not.

A new proposal will be drawn to have a change of International by-laws where the sanction can go as far as revoking the charter of the chapter.


The European Conference is one of the only conferences that are expanding in new countries. The problem we have seen in the past is that new chapters are formed in new countries but after 1 or 2 years, these chapters disappear because they have no contact with other Blue Knights. We also have lost chapters in countries because of that. This is partially due to language difference as well as difference in laws in the different countries. The past 2-3 years, because we have seen these problems, we at the European Conference have been reaching out to new chapters in Itlay, Roumania, Denmark, Croatia etc… by travelling to meet them and explaining Blue Knights LEMC. It is our experience that the new members are very grateful of meeting somebody from the Conference Board. We see that those chapters are now still very active and they are reaching out to other Blue Knights all over the world trough social media.

This way of acting has shown that it is very useful to reach out to the new chapters in person so they have the right info from the beginning as well as they feel welcome right away.


Reaching out to new chapters in new countries where you have no chapters based that can help in the formation, costs money to the Conference. For the moment some chapters refuse to show their solidarity with the others and refuse to pay a fee. The problem is that we cannot take any disciplinary action towards these chapters. They enjoy the advantages of being part of this great organization but refuse to take part with the burdens to go out to meet new chapters.

  • 12.3.Proposal003-2017 Registration of Blue Knights meetings and events
  • Yes: 21
  • No:1

The proposal passed.

Before voting, there have been some explanations to the proposal.

Events are those who are like International Meetings, stays a whole weekend and all Blue Knights are invited. Not meant are barbeque evenings, ride out and party.

By deciding the proposal the following positive effects will be:

- Presentation promoted on the European Conference website in the calendar

- Secured by the special fund, because it is an official event now

- Coordination of the dates and to solve problems of dating conflicts

All Blue Knights events have to be announced to the European Board and to be registrate. The European Board will coordinate the dates and add them to the European calendar. This service will be given to all chapters who pay their fees.


Until today there are only International Blue Knights meetings announced to the European Board. All other events are announced and invited uncoordinated by each chapter.


Nobody has an overview about all meetings and events and because of no coordination maybe conflicts between the dates.



Suggested by: Holk Opitz

Submitted by: Koenrad Hutse

12.4.Motion 004-2017 European Conference Bylaws Artikel 7, Changing Section 2

Motion: Josef Tiggemann

Second: Holk Opitz

Reason: To discipline the chapters to pay their fees until 30th April each year and to discipline chapters which denied to pay the fees to the European Conference it is necessary to rise up the additional administration fee from 10,00 EURO to 50,00 Euro.

Section 2. The annual chapter fee (see Article 2/Section 1) must be transferred to the European Board account between March 1 and April 30 according to the number of members from the actual renewal list.

Late payments are possible exceptionally until September 30 with an additional administration fee of 50,00 Euro.


Yes: 5


The motion failed. 

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Convention 2016

11.1Proposal 001/2016 Suggestions for a Charity Project

There are 1000 $US from International to promote a charity project in 2017.

The suggestion was, to give the money to the organization "Just Friends"


The majority voted for the motion and it passed.

Proposal 002/2016 International Bylaws Change – Membership Dues

Koen read out the following proposal from International to change the International Bylaws because of rising up the membership dues.

The EC voted against, the majority for it. So, the proposal passed.

Proposal:To set up a dues increase in a two-step process in order to get our operating income even with our expenditures to ensure that there will be less loss in the upcoming years.

Intent: It is the intent of the executive board to assure that the Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. remains financially solvent for the foreseeable future of this club. For the year 2014, the Auditor and Bookkeeper for Blue Knights Motorcycle Club have indicated a loss of$105,000.00 and $100,000.00 concurrently in 2015. A dues increase is inevitable in order to sustain an operating account that is in line with the increase in costs that we have incurred over 25 years and the approved addition of monetary expenditures by the board and membership (example, charitable donations, scholarship funds and general inflation) without driving the organization into financial ruin.Dues are currently at the established amount that was set on October 27, 1993 and have not been raised since. We are recommending a $5.00 per member increase effective October 1st, 2016 and another $5.00 on October 1st, 2018. We now currently have 448 SILVER DUES TIER Members who have paid the $150.00 and we no longer receive dues for, we currently have 325 BRONZE DUES TIER members that have paid the $150.00and no longer pay dues, we have 36 CHARTER DUES Members ( no longer available) that paid $25.00 prior to 2002 and no longer pay dues. This is a significant amount of members and we are experiencing an increase in number for Bronze and Silver tiers each year.It is recommended that both Bronze and Silver dues tiers be increased by $150.00 .The figures quoted have been discussed and recommended by our Auditor and Bookkeeper. 

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Convention 2014

9.1. Proposal 001/2014

Modification of the international bylaws


Every chapter may have a licensed paramedic nurse or a doctor to render first aid as a regular member in the same status like a chapter-chaplain.


It will be very helpful, in case of an accident during a chapter-bike-tour for example, to have a licensed paramedic nurse or a doctor in the chapter. It may be more helpful than having a chaplain nearby.



Suggested By:Andreas Ottilige 2014President Germany XXIII

Submitted By:_____NAMEDATE

Voting: Yes 44, No 2

The motion passed. 

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Convention 2013

8.1. Proposal 001/2013

To give our Representative Koen Hutse the mandate to forward the idea to invite the Blue Knights founding fathers Chuck Shumann, Mike Hall andEddie Gallant to attend the Blue Knights festival week in Austria 2014 to visit the International Convention, The Uk&Ireland Convention and the European Convention as well on costs of Blue Knights Intl. at the 2013 Intl. Convention.

Intent:In 2014 the Blue Knights will celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

It will be the first time the Intl Convention takes place outside the American Continent. It will be the first time as well those 3 Conventions will be held at the same time and place.

All this is a wonderful chance to thank the founding fathers for giving us such a club and to show them how this organization grew up in between.

Advantages:A great chance to pay respect and to show how we deal with our own history! We are family.


Suggested By: Wulf Bruelheide 04/11/13 European Board Vice Chairman

Submitted By: Koen Hutse

Voting: All agreed. The proposal passes

8.2.Proposal 002/2013

To decide, that no chapter-event is allowed on the weekend of the European Convention.

Intent:We decided not to organize an International Blue Knights event on the same time when the European conference takes place. Now we have learned that there is almost one chapter-event on this weekend.

Advantages:To give every BK-member a chance to join the convention and to have a representative of every European chapter in the convention-meeting.


Suggested By:Werner Ully05/14/13European Board Treasurer

Submitted By:Ronald Roelandt05/14/2013European BK-news-Auditor

Voting: 2 Yes, 45 No. The proposal failed

8.3.Proposal 003/2013

To change article 4 of the European bylaws

Only regular members of the corporation who are currently serving as President of a chapter or who have previously served in that capacity may hold the offices of International Representative, Chairman and Vice Chairman. Any regular member may hold the offices of the Secretary and Treasurer. Associate and honorary members may not hold any Conference offices either by election or appointment.


Only regular members of the corporation within an experience of 5 years regular membership can hold an office in the European board. Associate and honorary members may not hold any Conference offices either by election or appointment.

Intent:To get more and even younger candidates for an office in the European board. I think there are many hidden talents without a board part in their own chapter and we should try to reach them.

Advantages:There are a lot of interested and qualified members in the chapter which are not chapter president or past-president

Disadvantages:We will have to check the experience of candidates before the election.

Suggested By: Claudia Gierisch 05/29/2013 Germany 7 Vice-president

Submitted By:Werner Ully05/29/2013European board Treasurer

Voting: 43 Yes, 3 No. The proposal passed.

8.4.Motion by Werner Ulrich, European Coference Treasurer

To change the International bylaws.

International is allowed to collect the membership dues for a conference as well as the membership dues for International in addition of a charge 2 $US for each chapter.

Second: Koen Hutse, International Representative

Voting: All agreed. 

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Convention 2012

7.1. European Conference – By-laws and financial rules – Corrections and Additions

Art. 3, Sec. 1, Art. 4, Sec. 1 and 4, Art. 7, Sec. 5

7.2. Proposal 001-2012

Proposal:To change the European Conference bylaws Art. 4 sect. 4 in:

Nominations for the European Board positions may be made by any Chapter President or his/her designee until 28 days before the European Presidents meeting.

Intent:The last European Convention at Mandelieu, France, did not have a visit from too many Representatives of the European Conference Chapters. Probably they did not take part because they thought there would be no real elections. From their point of view there were no other candidates than the old ones. Suddenly during the election procedure there was another candidate who more than 50% of the Chapters did not know as a candidate before. There was no possibility for them to act in a democratic way, which they would have done if they knew.

Due to this situation we were not able to install something like a verification committee, which was not necessary in the past because we knew each other, but nowadays we are too many members to handle it this way.

Advantages:Interest in Blue Knights subjects will increase when members realize that they are part of an understandable system.

Chapter Representatives have a chance to discuss whom to elect with their members.

More Chapters would join the EC, which brings Blue Knights ideas forward.

The European Board has to decide important things, especially during the next years, there is one more argument for Chapters to join the European Conference.

As this is one more argument to join the European Convention the European Conference Board would know how many Chapters really carry these decisions.


Suggested By: Wulf Bruelheide 02/19/12 European Board Vice Chairman

Submitted By:Werner Ully 03/03/12 European Board Treasurer

Voting: 30 yes, 10 no, the motion passed 

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Convention 2011

Proposal: Blue Knights promotion video for the EC

Proposal from Idar Grotle:

To establish a committee by International to produce a promotion video.

Voting by rising hand:

3 Yes

32 No

The proposal failed.

Changing International By – Laws

On the convention 2009 there was the following proposal:

Proposal: 002-2009

The European Board proposes to bring the following point forward to the International Board:

Art. 7. Sec 7.03. Chapter Dues, International Bylaws should be dropped. Reason:

The International Bylaws are more than 30 years old. During the last 30 years inflation went on and most of the chapters are unable to get along with the fees, the International Bylaws allows. There is no need for maximum fee as in case of too high amounts nobody would join the club anyway.


Each chapter may assess an annual membership fee. Chapters, which maintain a clubhouse, may assess an additional annual charge to cover maintenance and operating costs of the clubhouse.

Second: Chris Feick, President Germany XVIII

After questions and discussion the motion passed.

This proposal brought to International failed.

The maximum chapter dues stated out in Art. 7. Sec 7.03 will be 50 $US.

All agreed.

Proposal: European Conference – By-laws and financial rules

After short discussion the assembly agreed and voted to install the European Bylaws as following:

Yes 31

No 3

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Convention 2010

5.1. Special International Blue Knights Meeting 2014 in Waidring, Austria

Werner Ully gave facts and information about this event and after the convention, all representatives took part in the multimedia presentation.

The Chairman stated out, that this meeting, 40th Anniversary of the Blue Knights LEMC has to have absolute priority in the year 2014! This event will only have the chance to be successful, if most of European Blue Knights will take part. So, all Presidents are pleased to give promotion to their members. On the same meeting, the European Convention 2014 will take place.

After some questions, all Representatives agreed and decided to have this event and also the convention 2014 at this meeting.

The multimedia presentation you will find soon on the European website.

In a few weeks, the date of this event will be fixed. You will find it on the European website.

In 2013, the booking of this event will be possible by a link online on the European homepage.

5.2. Proposal: Deadline for announcements of an international Blue Knights meeting

It is more and more difficult for chapters to organize a meeting within two years after announcement. Therefore, it would be better to have the possibility to announce a meeting three years in advance. The only problem is that the voting for the host of the European Convention is two years in advance. To solve this problem it is necessary to block four weekends (last two in May and the first two in June) in the third year. After the weekend for the European Convention is fixed, the other weekends are free again.

Motion: The announcement of an International Blue Knights meeting to the European Board is possible three years before. Four weekends in the third year (the last two in May and the first two in June) are blocked until the date of the European Convention is fixed. The date of a European Convention has to be fixed within four weeks after voting for the host of the EC.

Second: European Chairman

All Representatives agreed. The motion passed.

5.3. Code of blood group on the helmet

EC to take the initiative, that motorcyclist

should have an stick/sign on their helmet/bikes with their


Intent: In the case of emergency or accidents, first assistants could getimmediate information

Advantages: obvious

Disadvantages: none

Suggested By C.-D. Müller 04/2010 Germany VII Submitted By C.-D. Müller 04/2010 Germany VII

The Chairman stated out that he doesn't see any possibility to decide that all Blue Knights have to do so. The decision to do or not to do is with each single member.

There was no discussion or motion, so the proposal failed.

5.4. Registration and approval of all Blue Knights Events – European Board

The European Board had to notice, that there are many events in a year, which are like International meetings (whole weekend, rallies, life music and so on), but announced and invited to all Blue Knights, like season opening party and so on. Therefore, they have not to be registrate and approved by the European Board. If an International meeting takes place on the same weekend as another event in a close distance, there will be a conflict.

Motion by Chairman:

All Blue Knights events to which a chapter invites all Blue Knights have to be announced to and registrate and approved by the European Board.

Second: Secretary

Voting: 14 yes

21 no

The motion failed. 

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Convention 2008

4.1. Proposal: European Blue Knights meeting in Waidring, Austria

There is the possibility to have a European Blue Knights Meeting organized by the city of Waidring / Austria.

The whole organization of this meeting including booking, invitations and program could be held by this city. There would be no work for any chapter. The event would be placed in Mai or June 2010 on a weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Please give your statements concerning this idea.

After a controversial discussion, the following motion which was seconded was proposed:

"Shall Stone, president of BK Germany XXI, have the mandate of the EC to get in negotiation with the city of Waidring, concerning one first BK festival in Mai / June 2010 as a pilot for may be other meetings to come".

Voting by roll call:

Yes: 16

No: 23

The Motion failed.

4.2. Proposal: International membership fees

Status Quo:

-Today, in the age of Computer, we still work with carbon paper and with unhandy US-A4 sized paper, the administration is stocked in the founding years of the Blue Knights.

-Each year, at the beginning of the European Convention, we have the same problem: Which chapter has paid the EC fees so far and which haven't.

-The money transfer for the membership fees to the International Headquarter can cause sometimes some problems

-In the latest past there have been some problems concerning the control for the Membership-Application (Croatia-Problem). There is also a problem about the control concerning the increasing number of Member at Large.


-The Membership-Application Form should be generated electronically.

-The Chapter Renewal Worksheet should be electronically generated (Excell)

-The Membership-Application-Form and the Chapter Renewal Worksheet will be sent from the chapters to the European Board

-Members who want to found a new chapter, have to sent their applications through an existent chapter to the European Board.

-The membership fees and also the EC fees will be payed to the European Board by E-Banking. The chapters are paying the charging fees.

-The European Board transfers all the money to International by credit card (sponsored by International?).


-Less consumption of paper (save the nature)

-Less paperwork

-Saving postage costs

-Timesaving (nearly 2 weaks) !

-The European Board has the overview over the members and they would know, which member is listed in which chapter.

-The European Board has the fees for the Convention before the Convention.

-The European Board pays the membership fees with one credit card and is able to control it.


-slightly more work for the EC-Treasure

Suggested by:Henrik "Fretzmen" Fretz, BK Switzerland I, President

Supported by:Moritz "Mo" Caderas, BK Switzerland II, President

After discussion the following seconded motion was made:

Shall we transfer the dues for International into the EC – bank account?

Voting by rising hand:

Yes: 0

No: 37

The motion failed.

4.3. Proposal: Changing International By – Laws

The European Board proposes to bring the following point forward to the International Board:

Art. 7. Sec 7.03. Chapter Dues, International Bylaws should be dropped. Reason:

The International Bylaws are more than 30 years old. During the last 30 years inflation went on and most of the chapters are unable to get along with the fees, the International Bylaws allows. There is no need for maximum fee as in case of too high amounts nobody would join the club anyway.


Each chapter may assess an annual membership fee. Chapters, which maintain a clubhouse, may assess an additional annual charge to cover maintenance and operating costs of the clubhouse.

Second: Chris Feick, President Germany XVIII

After questions and discussion the motion passed.

4.4. Proposal: Blue Knights Movie Promotion

The European Board stated out, that there only some videos in the USA for Blue Knights promotion but nothing in Europe. Many chapters have short videos about meetings, rides and charity. It would be good to send this material to the European Board to create a promotion video for Europe.


The European Board should create a promotion video.

Second: Ralf Dartmann, Vice-President Germany XVII

Votes: 45 Yes, 1 No

The motion passed

4.5. Proposal: European Fees

For many years in the past all new founded chapters did not have to pay European fees in the first year of their existence. But to do so, there was no decision found in any convention minutes. Therefore, if we want to do so further on, we have to legalize it.


To decide to legalize, that chapter who are founded don`t have to pay fees to the European Conference in the first year of existing.


Siegfried Gsodam, President Austria II

The motion passed.

4.6. Proposal: European Blue Knights meeting

The following Proposal (European Convention 2008) failed:

There is the possibility to have a European Blue Knights Meeting organized by the city of Waidring / Austria.

The whole organization of this meeting including booking, invitations and program could be held by this city. There would be no work for any chapter. The event would be placed in Mai or June 2010 on a weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Please give your statements concerning this idea.

After a controversial discussion, the following motion which was seconded was proposed:

"Shall Stone, president of BK Germany XXI, have the mandate of the EC to get in negotiation with the city of Waidring, concerning one first BK festival in Mai / June 2010 as a pilot for may be other meetings to come".

Now Stone brought up this idea again and to realize a European Blue Knights Meeting in the year 2014.

He was pleased to present a concept at the European Convention 2010. 

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Convention 2007

3.1. Proposal: Changing Cash book rules

Changing the following point of the cash book rules:

Costs for traveling and registrations

All members of the board get 10 Cent per kilometer to go to a European presidents meeting…


All members of the board get 20 Cent per kilometer to go to a European presidents meeting…


The cash book rules were decided in 2002. Meanwhile the costs for gas rose up and costs for traveling to official Blue Knights meetings rose also.

Submitted by:

Holk Opitz, EC – Secretary

Second by:

Heike Schultz, EC – Treasurer

After discussion the proposal failed.

Voting by rising hand:

Yes 12 votes

No 28 votes

The proposal failed.

3.3. Changing the cash book rules

Changing the cash book rules as following:

Associated members get their costs also as regular board members for traveling to European president meetings and board meetings.

Submitted by: Holk Opitz, EC - Secretary

Seconded by: Koen Hutse, International Representative

After discussion the proposal carried by a majority voting.

3.4. Proposal: European Blue Knights magazine

Starting up a European News Magazine. After having talked about it last year, we found that, for the moment, it is impossible to send it to all the members. Therefore, we place it on the net.

Assign a special place on the net for the magazine

Appointing a European Editor, who, like the webmaster is assessed to the board, but has no voting-right.

When it goes better, we can look for ways to send it home to the members, and even use it as a commercial unit to attain new BK in Europe. This will cost money, and that is for the board and the editor to find out what way we are going find that.


We get to know more of Europe.

Should give as a result better European contacts, and a board that can easily contact the members


language: English

Over the internet


Negligible: name-tag is enough. The rest is on my PC

Submitted by:

Roelandt Ronald (Snelle Eddy), candidate European Editor

Roelandt explained his concept and after discussion the proposal carried by a majority vote.

3.5. Proposal: European Convention / International meeting

In future it is not allowed that an international meeting in the European Conference takes place at the same date like the European Convention.


In this year a meeting that was planed at the same date like the European Convention had to be cancelled, because of not enough invitations.

All Presidents should have the possibility to take part at the European Convention. This is not possible when a chapter celebrates a meeting at the same date.

Submitted by:

Holk Opitz, EC – Secretary

After discussion the proposal was cancelled by the EC – Secretary. 

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Convention 2006

 2.1. Proposal: To make it possible for all Law Enforcement personnel to join the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle club INC.

Intent:To work for the removal of the requirements that you as a member need to have the power to arrest to be a member.The police are in rapid development. In our teams in Europe it is common to have police specialists, as technicians, engineers, lab workers, psychiatrics, and many more police specialist to help teams to solve serious crime. As the world goes forward it is getting more and more complicated and it is time to recognize this people as police with other qualities then the old muscle police. These people are a part of the Law Enforcement and just as much police as those who have "only" the power to arrest. Without our new "police" colleagues and their skills we would never have the authority as they help us to maintain.

Advantages:This enables the Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club to be what we say we are and not a police motorcycle Club as someone want it to be. By inviting new police groups into our club it will develop and enrich us as the rest of the society.


Suggested By: Idar Grotle 4th June 2006 European Chairman

This proposal was cancelled by Idar, because it is inconsistent with the constitution and bylaws, but he will make in future the proposal again with changing of some points.

2.2. Proposal: Blue Knights online chat

To install a Blue-Knights-online Chat for BK-Member on the European website, where at one time every month the European board is online for an online-conference and to answer questions, like a special session in the parliament.

Intent:It needs a long time to ask for information and to get the right information from the European board. So we have to look for a better way of information-transport from the board to the members

Advantages:It will help to get quick and clear information about topical questions and will help the board to bring information to the members in a direct and very short way.

Disadvantages:None, just a little work for the webmaster.

Suggested By: Werner Ully 07/08/06 BK Aut 1 Vice-President

Submitted By:Thomas Reimers10/08/06BK Germ 10 President

After a short discussion the proposal carried. So it will be next time a chat room at the European Website, Member area.

2.3. Proposal: If there is a European Convention, could it be every time an event of 4 days?

Intent:Some participants have to travel a large distance to go to the EC. When the Conference itself only is on Saturday, those participants can only be at the meeting and have no pleasure of the meeting itself, the ride-outs etc.

Advantages:If the Conference is on Friday during the day, everybody could join the ride-out etc.

Disadvantages:Maybe it is a bit more expensive for the participants and it will cost more work for the organizers, but the costs for the meeting could be spread out over all participants of the whole meeting so the people who are on the conference, who work for their chapters, don't have to pay more.

Suggested By:Ludo Vanwelsenaer12/07/2006BK Bel 9 President

Voting: 16 Yes, 14 No

The proposal carried with the decision that in future the convention is to hold over four days.

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Convention 2005

1.1. Modification the International Bylaws

Chapter - voting: 1 vote by number of 30 members each, up from 30, 2 votes, up from 60, 3 votes …

CD remembered that this topic was talked about at the convention 2003/ Tholey as Topic 6 and was cancelled, because it against the international bylaws.

Voting was hold: motion fall21 no / 11 yes

1.2. Proposal:Stop using numbers on national clubs.

Let all clubs have only their nationality on their back rocker.Make a new patch on the vest's front left side to indicate from where you come; city, county, part of the country etc. If there are more clubs in a city, county etc, you may then give them numbers.

Topic falls in voting:2 Pass,2 Yes,31 No

1.3. Proposal to build a Constitution and Bylaws for the European Conference

The European Board will build a concept, send it to all chapter for discussion, and the concept will be on the agenda of convention 2006 for decision.

Without voting, the Topic passed. The assembly agreed, that we have the International Constitution and Bylaws and don `t need Bylaws for the Conference. 

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