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Convention 2010

5.1. Special International Blue Knights Meeting 2014 in Waidring, Austria

Werner Ully gave facts and information about this event and after the convention, all representatives took part in the multimedia presentation.

The Chairman stated out, that this meeting, 40th Anniversary of the Blue Knights LEMC has to have absolute priority in the year 2014! This event will only have the chance to be successful, if most of European Blue Knights will take part. So, all Presidents are pleased to give promotion to their members. On the same meeting, the European Convention 2014 will take place.

After some questions, all Representatives agreed and decided to have this event and also the convention 2014 at this meeting.

The multimedia presentation you will find soon on the European website.

In a few weeks, the date of this event will be fixed. You will find it on the European website.

In 2013, the booking of this event will be possible by a link online on the European homepage.

5.2. Proposal: Deadline for announcements of an international Blue Knights meeting

It is more and more difficult for chapters to organize a meeting within two years after announcement. Therefore, it would be better to have the possibility to announce a meeting three years in advance. The only problem is that the voting for the host of the European Convention is two years in advance. To solve this problem it is necessary to block four weekends (last two in May and the first two in June) in the third year. After the weekend for the European Convention is fixed, the other weekends are free again.

Motion: The announcement of an International Blue Knights meeting to the European Board is possible three years before. Four weekends in the third year (the last two in May and the first two in June) are blocked until the date of the European Convention is fixed. The date of a European Convention has to be fixed within four weeks after voting for the host of the EC.

Second: European Chairman

All Representatives agreed. The motion passed.

5.3. Code of blood group on the helmet

EC to take the initiative, that motorcyclist

should have an stick/sign on their helmet/bikes with their


Intent: In the case of emergency or accidents, first assistants could getimmediate information

Advantages: obvious

Disadvantages: none

Suggested By C.-D. Müller 04/2010 Germany VII Submitted By C.-D. Müller 04/2010 Germany VII

The Chairman stated out that he doesn't see any possibility to decide that all Blue Knights have to do so. The decision to do or not to do is with each single member.

There was no discussion or motion, so the proposal failed.

5.4. Registration and approval of all Blue Knights Events – European Board

The European Board had to notice, that there are many events in a year, which are like International meetings (whole weekend, rallies, life music and so on), but announced and invited to all Blue Knights, like season opening party and so on. Therefore, they have not to be registrate and approved by the European Board. If an International meeting takes place on the same weekend as another event in a close distance, there will be a conflict.

Motion by Chairman:

All Blue Knights events to which a chapter invites all Blue Knights have to be announced to and registrate and approved by the European Board.

Second: Secretary

Voting: 14 yes

21 no

The motion failed. 

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