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Convention 2022

15.1. Proposal 001-2022

Waive the current outstanding EC fees penalties

President Henrik FRETZ CH 1

President Arnold REITHAAR CH 4

At every Presidents Meeting in the past years, we hear from the respective Chairman and Treasurer of the European Board that certain chapters violate the "European Conference Bylaws and Financial Rule" by not paying the annual EC fees of 1 Euro per registered member.

Through the work of the European Board and the chapters, the percentage of chapter not paying EC fees has been reduced in recent years.

Despite their efforts, there are still a few chapters who have not paid their EC fees. The current outstanding amount with and without the penalties can be requested from the European Treasurer.

Shall we try to motivate these chapters to pay their outstanding EC fees by giving them a one-time waiver of the additional penalty fees per year?

These chapters could already save the EC Fees 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, so it should be possible to use this money and pay the outstanding EC-Fees.

What is important in this motion is that I am not criticizing the members of the individual chapters, but their board or the responsible person in the board, who do not fraternally adhere to the common agreements made by the European Conference. It is shameful that certain ones only want to take advantage of the Blue Knights by paying only the International Dues, but let their Conference down.


Chapters who have not paid their EC fees according to the European Treasurers list will be given the one-time opportunity to pay all outstanding EC fees until 30th September 20022 without additional penalty.

For this one-time request and only for this request, Article 7, Section 2, which describes the penalty fees, is to be suspended.




The chapters get a unique chance to improve their tarnished reputation.

The European Board will still be paid a large portion of the outstanding EC fees.

Suggested by: Henrik Fretz, March 2022, BK CH1 President

Second by:Arnold Reithar, March 2022, BK CH 4 President

After discussion the proposal passed by majority of votes. 

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