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Convention 2012

7.1. European Conference – By-laws and financial rules – Corrections and Additions

Art. 3, Sec. 1, Art. 4, Sec. 1 and 4, Art. 7, Sec. 5

7.2. Proposal 001-2012

Proposal:To change the European Conference bylaws Art. 4 sect. 4 in:

Nominations for the European Board positions may be made by any Chapter President or his/her designee until 28 days before the European Presidents meeting.

Intent:The last European Convention at Mandelieu, France, did not have a visit from too many Representatives of the European Conference Chapters. Probably they did not take part because they thought there would be no real elections. From their point of view there were no other candidates than the old ones. Suddenly during the election procedure there was another candidate who more than 50% of the Chapters did not know as a candidate before. There was no possibility for them to act in a democratic way, which they would have done if they knew.

Due to this situation we were not able to install something like a verification committee, which was not necessary in the past because we knew each other, but nowadays we are too many members to handle it this way.

Advantages:Interest in Blue Knights subjects will increase when members realize that they are part of an understandable system.

Chapter Representatives have a chance to discuss whom to elect with their members.

More Chapters would join the EC, which brings Blue Knights ideas forward.

The European Board has to decide important things, especially during the next years, there is one more argument for Chapters to join the European Conference.

As this is one more argument to join the European Convention the European Conference Board would know how many Chapters really carry these decisions.


Suggested By: Wulf Bruelheide 02/19/12 European Board Vice Chairman

Submitted By:Werner Ully 03/03/12 European Board Treasurer

Voting: 30 yes, 10 no, the motion passed 

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