EC Board 2021

The first personal board meeting Oct. 2021 in Cologne 


Letter to the Chapters 01/2021





 Dear Brothers and Sisters Knights,

Today we have had the European Presidents Meeting via Zoom.  The new European Board was elected and I am now your new European Conference Chairman for the next two years.

Now here the result of the elections:

Chairman -  Holk Opitz, Germany XLII

Vice – Chairman – Nicolae Patroi, Romania III

Secretary – Corinna Walz, Germany XLII

Treasurer –  Didier “Dino” Dhynes, Belgium VIII

International Representative – Koenrad Hutse, Belgium VI


After the Presidents Meeting the new Board decided about the Directors.


Safety Officer – Andreas “Schlagi” Hohendorf, Germany V

Webmaster – Heinz Mießeler, Germany V

Quartermaster – Jean Yves Rasson „Le Duc“, Belgium I


Now we have a new Treasurer and a new EC bank account.

The account you know is closed!

Up from now you have to transfer the EC Fees to the following account and please share this with your Treasurers.

You will find this at the Member area.


I am a little bit sorry about, that most of the Presidents have been absent. Presidents should represent their chapters, or if they are cannot take part, to send another board member or to apologize for not take part.


Now some sentences about my office for the next two years. I shall represent our Conference together with Koen to International with all our power.

Inside the Conference I shall look very strong about the rules, paying the EC Fees and to the renewals.

The European Conference still grows and this is very good. Please recruit new members where ever you can and new Chapter foundations are very welcome.

I want to be very close to you. However you should have questions, problems or ideas to develop our Conference, please contact me or a member of the board.

Also, you can contact me every Sunday evening at 7 PM German time at the “smalltalk” via Zoom. If you don`t want to be in the distributor, please send a mail to me and I shall invite you.

Now I think it will be a good time and I am proud to serve together with a great European Board.



Holk Opitz

European Conference