EC Board 2021

The first personal board meeting Oct. 2021 in Cologne 


The European Presidents meeting is cancelled!

 Dear Presidents!

The European Board held his Special Meeting today at 20:00 GMT.

Roll Call:

Andreas Hohendorf, Chairman

Nicolae Patroi, Vicechaiman

Holk Opitz, Secretary

Josef Tiggemann, Treasuer

Koen Huutse, Representative


Discussion about the CorVid-19 crisis in Europe

The European Board made following decisions:


The European Presidents Meeting held on 16.June 2020 in the Domaine de Massambre is cancelled!

In 2020 there will be NO Presidents Meeting!

The International Meeting of Belgium I will take part, until the Chapter decides something different.

The Next Meeting will be during the European Convention 2021 in Romania. Informations about the time, the location, prices, etc. will be follow as soon as possible.


The European Board announces, that candidates for the European Convention 2022 can submit their candidature to the European Board until 13.June 2020.

If we have more than one Candidate, we will make an survey (here: doodle) from 16. - 30.June 2020, using the Corporate Email.

The requirements for Candidature can be ask at European Board.

Presidents! We hope that we act in the best way according to all Informations we have up to now. And we hope that this crisis won`t held for the whole year.

We also decide to bring the proposal from Austria I about financial help for Chapters, which getting in trouble, after their International Meeting will be canceled. We can`t promis anything, but we will bring it to International.

Again, stay healthy!

Ride with Pride

Andreas ‚Schlagi‘ Hohendorf

Chairman European Conference