EC Board 2021

The first personal board meeting Oct. 2021 in Cologne 


Newsletter Jan 2020

After, a longer time, we decided to publish a Newsletter from the European Board with all news, changes and other things of interest, concerning the European Conference.This is not a letter from a single board member; it is almost from all of us. So, let´s start with some points, we want to share with you.

New Chapters in Europe:We know, that the most of the new foundings are already known by you, but for those, who did not know....Please welcome: Romania 5, Romania 6 and Romania 7Ukraine 1, located in KiewHungary 3In progress is Italy 6
Foundings: Germany 42 in Karlsruhe

Interested Candidates: Officers from several Departments in the Sauerland, Germany are in contact with our Secretary Holk.

European Business:Because of some issues and critical questions, the European Board will talk about the Member at Large at the Board meeting 2020 in Cologne.
We will take a critical look at the MAL and find a solution for the future.

Please welcome Didier „Dino“ Dhynes as our new Quartermaster and in personnel Union, Safety Officer of the European Conference.

International Business: The case Bessie Small will end, as the General Membership Meeting in New York decided not to waste good money, to press the last cent out of her. The problem is that success is no guarantee. Bessie Small has to pay $127.000 the club and to sew her to pay more is fictional, she has no more money to give us.

The International President appointed the new European Liaison Officer.

It is Chet Parker, origin from New York, now living in Arizona.

The European Board and the Conference want to thank Chris Dobek, for his outstanding work in and for Europe.

The upcoming election for the Board of Governors will be for the first time complete electronically. All presidents, please make sure, that International has a valid and individual email address, so that the company can send you the election procedures. We will keep you informed.

Therefore, at least we want to wish you a Happy New Year 2020 and an accident free riding season.

The European Board