Letter to the Chapters

Dear Blue Knights.

The European Convention 2018 is over. There were many things before and during the Convention. But we hope this would be the past. The remaining Board is ready for the upcoming year.

We decided to work on with the remaining Officers and do our work as good as we can and as good as you expect us to do.

We are aware, that we can´t please everyone. There will always been decisions, which are positive to the community and the same decision can be an offense to others. That´s a fact we must live with.

As you know, all three directors stepped back. Let me tell you this. We won´t decide about new directors.

There are several reasons.

The main reason is, that we don´t know who will on the European Board after the EC 2019. Maybe there will be a complete new board, and, in this case, all directors may change.

Up to now there is no reason for us to name a new Quartermaster. We ware good on stock with items, so there is no need to buy or create new ones. The Quartermaster was an office to bring the European Board some money to work with. And Lonewolf was an outstanding worker. He spends more hours than we could pay him back. And let us say this, our hearts bled, as he told us about the reason he lay down his vest!

The Safety Officer is vacant and next year there will be a new one. Every interested party is welcome to ask for details of the job.

The good news is, that Heinz decided to work on as our Webmaster. His future work will depend on the formation of the next European Board.

We will work on the European distributor as soon as possible, but within the next two-month Heinz will be strongly involved into the Registration of the EC 2019.

Owed to the new European Law of Data Protection, we must improve a bit.

Thanks, and Ride with Pride,

The Board of the European Conference