EC Board 2021

The first personal board meeting Oct. 2021 in Cologne 

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Awarded Knights

Jürgen Pohl, JB, GER 14
Alfons Ulrich, Alf, GER 14
Claus Dieter Müller, CD, MaL
For more than 20 years editors of the German Blue Knights magazine which read from German speaking members in Germany Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium Luxembourg and other countries.

Patrik Moinil, BEL II
Patrik gave helping hand by foundation of many chapters.
But he did much more. Since many years he gave distinguished service in charity for many years.
So, he distributed toys in name of Blue Knights to underprivileged families and the less wealthy so that their children could still celebrate a beautilul Sinterklaas and or Christmas. He also supplied the Padre Dirk van Jette with toys for many years for the various actions that the Padre provided.
In total he has during all those years divided for an amount of approximately 45000 Euro.
This year he also cared for a good cause. He provided Hungary III about 3000 Euro worth of toy so that they could expand their shoebox campaign from 2021 to provide even more underprivileged children and orphans with toys.

Carlos Vasquez New York II
Carlos gave distinguished service to our Conference with engagement. To has the permission from the European Board to produce and offer the Ukraine patch for our Conference in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland, but not for our Conference. He transferred the income to our account. Without his engagement we never generated so much money for helping Ukraine I.